COVID-19 Update

Posted 8/8/2020

Following receiving updated government guidance and working through it to ensure we understand it fully, we are advised that DVWG can now increase group sizes on our walks. Government guidance indicating that up to 30 people can walk together.

However DVWG have elected to take a more cautious approach at this time and intend to increase our walk sub group sizes from 6 to 10 and sticking with a total number of 20 people on any walk.

We will of course continue with our COViD-19 rules and maintaining our walk mileage/attendance spreadsheet which will be used to assist in any track and trace event.

Greasbrough Evening Walk

Posted 29/7/2020

DVWG’s popular restart after lockdown continued last night as 3 socially distanced groups completed our 4.3 mile evening walk from Greasbrough.

Starting from the Yellow Lion pub we made our way along Church Street before taking a lane across Wilcox’s Plantation and into Wentworth Park. After short climb towards the Mausoleum, we skirted the woods to reach Nether Haugh.

A short roadside walk then took us to a path across fields towards Upper Haugh where we then walked along the Roman Ridge back towards Mill Dam. The walk was completed by a picturesque walk around the north of the Dam before joining the lane back across Wilcox’s Plantation to return to our start point.

Well done and thanks to everyone who walked yesterday evening and thanks to our three leaders; Alison, Liz and Steve.

Keep an eye out for details of next week’s walk coming soon…

Barnburgh Walk - July 21st

Posted 21/7/2020

Another great walk tonight for DVWG, this time a 4.5 miles walk around Barnburgh, Harlington and the TPT.

Starting from the Crown Inn we walked into the village towards the church and down in To Harlington.

From here we walked down the track Tor the River Dearne and the the TPT following this track through the woodland eventually reaching Dearne Bridge.

After a photo opportunity at the bridge looking at the picturesque Deanby Ings we proceeded onto a field side path which passed Barnburgh Grange Farm and crossed Barnburgh Common before emerging at The Crown and the end of our walk. The views across the Common were simply stunning.

Well done to the seventeen who attended tonight, Russell Yapp go the night wrong again. It was particularly nice to see Marianne Russell and Adam Bradley again as they haven’t walked with us for a while. 

Finally a thank you goes out to tonight’s leaders, Liz, David and Steve. Hope you get well soon Steve after tonight’s almighty shock.

Thank you for your continued support everyone.

Harley Walk - July 15th

Posted 18/7/2020

Another great outing for DVWG with a nice event no walk starting from Harley.

Walking along the Black Lane then to Tankersley Old Hall before entering the medieval Bellground Wood. The wood never disappoints us and was looking great to night in the height of summer growth.

Emerging onto Sheffield Road we walked into Hoyland Common onto the green lane which makes up the bottom half of Stead Lane touching the edges of both Springwood and Skiers Spring Wood before taking a footpath back to Harley and the end of our walk.

Thank you to the seventeen people who walked this evening and to the three walk leaders, Liz, Steve and David who made tonight possible.

A few of us managed a cheeky drink in a deserted Horseshoe pub too.

Thanks for coming, see you all soon

Old Moor & Dearne Way Walks - July 8th & 9th

Posted 9/7/2020

It was a long time coming but DVWGs return to group walking has proved to be a resounding success.

In accordance with current guidance only small groups was possible and we were lucky enough to receive pre-bookings for two groups on Wednesday evening followed by a third group on Thursday too.

Meeting and concluding formalities at the Old Moor Tavern we set off along a path aside the River Dearne. This led onto a disused railway line which runs behind RSPB Old Moor.joining the TPT near Bolton Upon Dearne and then onto a very muddy, (as usual) Dearne Way back to Broomhill.

The rain certainly didn’t dampen spirits and everyone from Wednesday’s groups reported that they were pleased to resume.

Thursday brought more rain and just 5 in our third group as we commenced along the old railway line, we decided that the Dearne Way would be too muddy by now, therefore we turned right instead of left and joined the path around Manvers Lake and eventually joining the TPT again back to Broomhill and the end of our walk. 

The group were also in high spirits enjoying resuming group walks.

Thank you to the 15 people who walked over two nights for turning out in poor weather and helping us resume with a flourish. Further thanks go to everyone who worked in the background to make the restart of DVWG possible and continued to support us too.

Don’t forget to watch out for the places becoming available for next week’s Harley & Tankersley walk.

It is truly great to be back.

...And we're back

Posted 4/7/2020

Of sorts, at any rate.

DVWG will be commencing the 2020-21 season by arranging a limited number of walks with limited numbers of participants.  Regretfully at this time, we will not be in a position to welcome new participants on our walks.  There will be no quarterly diary at this stage and walks will be organised on a more ad-hoc basis than we are all used to.  Walk details will be disseminated by text message to those who have opted in to our SMS service and places allocated by reply to our messages, on a strict first-come-first-served basis.

Our walks will be subject to additional degrees of regulation, to prevent potential spread of Coronavirus and thus hopefully ensure the safety of walk leaders and participants alike.  The rules of participation will be handed out on paper forms by walk leaders at the start of walks.  They are also available in the Download section of the site, so we would ask participants to take the opportunity to familiarise themselves in advance of the steps we are taking.

We are thrilled to be in a position to offer this tentative resumption of group activities and ask you all for your continued patience and co-operation, in order to assist us with our plans going forwards.

Thanks to all who continue to support our group and we hope to see you soon.

DVWG Update

Posted 3/7/2020

DVWG are making significant strides in preparations for a return to group walks.

During the course of this week we have worked as a committee and with our insurers to compile a COVID-19 risk assessment and a set of walk safety rules which will be distributed at the start of each walk.

We intend to next quickly work on a method of processing your £1 donations electronically, bring our text communication lists up to date and hopefully we will then be able to re-start some walks in a modest and of course socially distanced way.

Thank you for your patience, support and offers of help and hopefully we will start to see some of you again soon.


The DVWG Management Committee