Navigation Training Course - November 26th

Posted 27/11/2016

As part of DVWG's plan to increase the flexibility in the number of our regular walkers capable of leading walks on the groups behalf, ten of our regular walkers undertook a navigation training course yesterday.

The course was undertaken with Peak Navigation Training Ltd who are based in Foolow in the White Peak of Derbyshire.

The course was a full day of initially theory of map and compass use, followed by a practical session of map & compass use finding minor points of interest and landmarks out on the beautiful Longstone Moor.

The course was very informative and educational, the course was expertly presented by Peak Navigation Training Ltd.

Well done to David & Emily Kirk, Barry Edwards, Alex Bennett, Lisa Roper, Steve Pennock, Tricia MacDuff, Emma Powell, David Richardson and Colin Clegg for completing this course.

Hopefully this group will be able to put their new found skills on a walk soon.