Worsbrough Mill Toddler Walk - October 29th

Posted 2/11/2017

A rather depleted turnout for this walk - only 4 adults, 3 walking kids and one carried infant.  This may have been because the walk coincided with school holidays - a date we chose due to a milling demonstration day having been advertised as taking place.  On arrival it became apparent that several other visitors were in attendance for this reason but sadly, there had been a breakdown in communication between publicists and organisers and whilst it had been widely advertised, no such demonstration had been organised!

After a stern dressing down about this from a stranger who thought I worked there, we departed on our walk.  In the absence of any pushchairs and in glorious Autumn sunshine, we had the opportunity to extend our route up to 3.1 miles. The youngsters did fabulously to complete this distance almost entirely under their own steam, completing a pleasant circuit of the reservoir and surrounding woodland and countryside.

We returned to the playground and had cakes at the cafe before our departure.  Thanks as ever to those who attended.