Penistone Boundary Walk Weekend

Posted 6/9/2015

This weekend has been a simply wonderful feast of walking for DVWG after we have completed a circuit of the Penistone Boundary Walk in some wonderful early September sunshine.

Our party of 9 commenced the walk from Cubley Hall walking along tracks and paths along Hartcliff Hill heading towards the eastern Penistone boundary at Bullhouse. We then hit the worst part of the walk, which slowed us down quite significantly as we negotiated a footpath which was not preserved and blocked off through Flash House Farm.

Following a brief lunch break, we commenced our ascent towards Royd Moor and managed time for a quick diversion to the tea rooms at Windmill Nursery for coffee and cakes before our final ascent of Royd Moor where we stopped off at the viewing area and wondered at 360 degrees views spanning an area from Selby to Manchester.

Passing both Royd Moor and Scout Dyke Reservoirs we helped ourselves to 4 out of our 5 per day of fresh fruit with copious amounts of ripe delicious blackberries to be foraged en route, we then encountered another poor footpath near Scout Dyke water treatment works.

After pausing outside the former Scout Dyke Outdoor Centre to reminisce about two childhood trips there and to wonder if peg leg still haunted the dormitories, we continued towards Gunthwaite.

Crossing the railway line to Gunthwaite Amanda Bennett suddenly remembered an urgent text she had to send and proceeded to pause in the middle of the railway line to do so, a hairy moment for us all!

Day one came to a close just outside Hoylandswaine after 10 miles of satisfactory walking. Our day was rounded off with a delicious early evening meal and a couple of beers for the assembled group at Cubley Hall.

Our party of 21 people commenced day 2  from Hoylandswaine after some logistical effort from our regular walkers to park cars in appropriate places to make travel easy after finishing the walk.

We left Hoylandswaine on tracks and fields heading for the Silkstone area negotiating the A628 and walking through some lovely tracks and woodland heading for the Hoylandswaine & Oxspring area of the A629. Some of these tracks would indeed make suitable challenges for our After Dark Walk in January 2016.

After descending to Springvale we saw a rather beautiful hidden gem of a brook and bridge across the River Don which was pleasant on the eye, certainly more satisfying than watching Mark Bagley trying to negotiate a children’s slide in a nearby playground.

A final push along footpaths from Springvale delivered us to the end of our 5.6 miles of day 2 and our 15 miles total journey around the Penistone Boundary with a beer in the sunshine as our reward.

Overall it has been a fantastic and enjoyable achievement for DVWG this weekend. We have laughed and enjoyed the scenery whilst collectively walking 198 miles in the process. Well done to everyone who took part especially Alex Bennett and Emily Kirk who tackled the full challenge of walking the Penistone Boundary quite admirably.