Strines & Derwent Edge Walk - January 6th

Posted 6/1/2019

A great days walking today for DVWG on Strines Moor, a walk which seemed to have everything.

Starting from The Strines Inn we walked along the road and onto the track known locally as Foulstone Road, where we were soon feeling the Christmas excesses as we tackled the long ascent onto Derwent Edge.

During our ascent we ran into very heavy mist and visibility became quite poor, as we reached the edge, not much of a view here.

Our first stop was a detour to Back Tor the third highest peak in South Yorkshire, a misty group picture followed. We then followed the paved path across Derwent Edge passing the rock formation Cakes of Bread before pausing at Dove Stones for an early lunch break.

Towards the end of our lunch break the mist started to clear rapidly and we were treated to a great view of Ladybower Reservoir and Yorkshire Bridge. We continued on Derwent Edge passing the Salt Cellar and White Tor before reaching the bridleway which took us down to the Strines Moor Road at Moscar House Farm. By now the sun was shining and the wind was much less at a lower level.

We were now faced with a choice on how we returned to The Strines Inn, the prospect of a 1.5 to 2 miles walk along the road did not appeal.

We therefore opted to extend the walk, walking along towards Ughill and onto a path which forms part of the Sheffield Round Walk around the periphery of Sugworth Hall, which was built for the construction expert Henry Boot.

From here we emerged onto open moorland to Boots Tower, above Strines Reservoir. With the whole valley glistening in mid-afternoon winter sunshine the views were stunning. Cameras were working overtime here.

We descended Lea Bank and crossed the water between Dale Dyke and Strines Reservoir before emerging at Brogging End to the Strines Road, where a short walk took us back to the Strines Inn and the end of our walk.

A party of eighteen adults and one junior completed this 9.2 miles beauty. Well done goes out to Jack Wolniewicz who completed his longsest walk yet with DVWG and a big hello and welcome goes out to Zoey McNeil who joined us for the first time today.