Hooton Pagnell Circular - 15th April

Dearne Valley Walking Festival - Day 3 | Posted 15/4/2019

Seventeen adults and one child met in Hooton Pagnell for our Circular walk this afternoon. Starting out from the Hostel pub we ventured through the churchyard to take a footpath opposite Hooton Pagnell Hall which took us across Mapple Yard.

A short stretch of road walking followed before we took a path at right angles to the roadway to Frickley Hall which which took us around Hooton Pagnell Wood and then across open fields to Elmsall Lane.

Here we joined the Frickley Railway path which follows the rout of a disused railway line before dropping down to Moorhouse Grange. We then had a short break at Moorhouse Grange’s small orchard before passing the Equestrian Centre and taking Stanwell Lane. This is a rather short, sharp up hill section which eventually brought us out at the top of Lenny Balk.

Our route then took us down the tree lined Byway known as Old Street which then opened out as we passed the edge of Hampole Wood and, after being advised by some local knowledge, we deviated slightly from our original route to continue onto Lound Lane and then took the Narrow Balk path back into the village.

On our return this gave us a slightly extended walk of 6.12 miles. Thanks to everyone who joined us on the walk and we hope to see you on another very soon.