Eyam Walk - August 24th

Posted 24/8/2019

The starting point for the group of 6 adults and 1 dog was the car park near the village Museum. From here we walked westwards along the village’s main street, making a slight detour to admire the first of the well dressings before turning sharply left onto Windmill Lane and then continuing onto Tideswell Lane. A short way along here we took a narrow path on the right between the houses.


This path took us across a series of small fields, crossing numerous stone walls by a combination of stiles and gates to the small village of Foolow. On reaching Foolow we went and admired their well dressings and then half of our party took advantage of the village hall selling drinks and cakes. Once we were reunited we headed to the local pub to top up our liquids due to the heat. 


On leaving the pub suitably refreshed we set off down the main road heading towards the A623 where we turned left and followed a track which took our group back to back to Tideswell Lane. On our approach to Eyam we turned left crossing a field and then paths which brought us out opposite Eyam Hall. From here we turned right and made our way to the last two well dressings. At this point as a group we decided that due to the heat further refreshments were required so we quickly made our way to the nearest pub. 


After a pleasant stop in the beer garden our party returned through the village back to our starting point. Well done to everyone who completed today’s 6 mile walk in very warm conditions.