Timberland Trail Walk - November 21st

Posted 22/11/2015

A party of 15 for this walk in very cold sunny November conditions.


Our walk started from the TPT car park at Wortley and walked into the village and through Wortley Park to Tankersley. Following a lunch break at St Peter's church in Tankersley, we undertook the best part of the walk, walking down the medieval Black Lane to Tankersley Old Hall, of "Kes" fame before crossing Springwood and arriving in Elsecar via Skiers Hall and Elsecar Park.

In Elsecar Park there was time to stop off at the café for an outdoor coffee in lovely mid afternoon sunshine, before our final walk through Elsecar Park to our finish point at The Market pub.

Well done to everyone who completed this enjoyable 6.8 miles walk.