Rossington Walk - February 22nd

Posted 23/2/2020

The walk that never was today for DVWGs party of 13 who braved the wind.

Following a Ramblers route around Rossington we met at the village church and headed off out of Rossington heading towards Wadsworth Carr and the River Torne.

Unfortunately heading out of the village our footpath around the former colliery area was indistinct and fraught with quicksand, where the path resumed it was blocked by fallen trees, with no nearby footpath, track or right of way meant end of walk.

Or not!!

After some map studying we rerouted through a housing estate in New Rossington, to a footpath known locally as Hunster Flat Lane, walking exposed fields to reach the River Torne.

During a short lunch break, we decided to walk the river bank to our original intended crossing point for the river, we quickly abandoned this idea due to a fear of encountering our original path issue from the other side.

We turned and walked back up the path in strong wind to Rossington, completing a walk which didn’t really go anywhere and one we don’t intend to repeat.

On a brighter note it was good to get the boots on outdoors again after two weeks off due to bad weather and our party of thirteen had a few laughs during the walk.

A beer in The Styrrup afterwards was ample rewards for today’s efforts.

Finally we’ll done to Peter Bentley who clocked up 100 miles season to date today.