Codnor Castle Walk - February 29th

Posted 1/3/2020

Walk 463 for DVWG and our 39th outing of this season took us to Derbyshire and our Codnor Castle walk.

February 2020 has been a difficult month for DVWG after being forced to cancel walks two weekends running following the two storms and then a hastily re-arranged Rossington Walk, our last outing of the month to Codnor was also reviewed due to the potential of a further storm being forecast.

Assembling at Codnor Park Reservoir, the weather seemed average for February, we commenced our walk along a disused stretch of the Cromford Canal, which nature has reclaimed but has not fallen foul of fly tipping and littering, this made for a pleasant walk along the towpath.

A walk through Butterley Park followed which led us into the outskirts of Ripley and some very muddy fields crossed as we skirted Codnor Gate and walked towards Codnor Castle.

Codnor Castle is worth a visit, to see its remains and we paused for about fifteen minutes to explore before continuing on to Foxhole Plantation.

Until now the weather had been lovely with some quite warm winter sunshine, however the weather quickly closed in and we had a sharp hail shower crossing the woodland in muddy conditions, negotiating a fallen tree which blocked the path too before emerging into the outskirts of Ironville where we once again picked up the Cromford Canal to walk a short stretch of the towpath and the end of our walk.

A beer in The Poet & Castle in Codnor was rewards for our efforts.

Well done to the party of nineteen adults and five dogs who completed this walk.

Finally a big hello and welcome goes out to Sue Dee, Mel Bennett-Frost and Rachael Morgan who walked with DVWG for the first time on this walk.