Higham and Silkstone Walk - March 15th

Posted 15/3/2020

Once again a very well attended local walk for DVWG today with 25 adults & children taking part in our Higham & Silkstone Family Ramble. The weather was generally kind to us and, as ever we had plenty of mud to paddle in too.

Starting from The Engineers in Higham we made a slight modification to the start of the walk after taking a bit of local advice, descending Elmhirst Lane into Hugset Wood, thankfully managing to navigate the nemesis of previous walks and emerging eventually at Barnby Furnace Bridge and onto the Silkstone Wagon Way.

A steady walk along the wagon way to Pot House Hamlet followed and we then ascended a bridleway to the Silkstone Bypass, a very busy road. Mark Haran, one of today’s newcomers stepped forward into the middle of the road and not only stopped traffic but traded insults with each and every one of the throng of impatient motorists who clearly couldn’t wait for our party to cross. This was an amazing sight.

Our group followed into Silkstone Fall and negotiated a couple of steep and slippery paths before emerging and crossing the bypass again before climbing a rather steep bridleway to Silkstone Golf Club.

From here we negotiated yet more mud, as passed through Lane Side, indeed Harry Morgan one of today’s new younger walkers had the misfortune to do a full on face down fall in the mud.

We emerged onto Higham Common and took a steady walk through the village, where some of us enjoyed a quick drink in The Engineers afterwards as a reward.

A big hello goes out to our new faces today, Wendy Renwick, Julie Deakin, Angela Harvey, Rebecca & Dave Morgan and their children Harry and Lucy, Katie Cadwell and our new resident traffic warden Mark Haran.

Thank you everyone who came along.