...And we're back

Posted 4/7/2020

Of sorts, at any rate.

DVWG will be commencing the 2020-21 season by arranging a limited number of walks with limited numbers of participants.  Regretfully at this time, we will not be in a position to welcome new participants on our walks.  There will be no quarterly diary at this stage and walks will be organised on a more ad-hoc basis than we are all used to.  Walk details will be disseminated by text message to those who have opted in to our SMS service and places allocated by reply to our messages, on a strict first-come-first-served basis.

Our walks will be subject to additional degrees of regulation, to prevent potential spread of Coronavirus and thus hopefully ensure the safety of walk leaders and participants alike.  The rules of participation will be handed out on paper forms by walk leaders at the start of walks.  They are also available in the Download section of the site, so we would ask participants to take the opportunity to familiarise themselves in advance of the steps we are taking.

We are thrilled to be in a position to offer this tentative resumption of group activities and ask you all for your continued patience and co-operation, in order to assist us with our plans going forwards.

Thanks to all who continue to support our group and we hope to see you soon.