Harley Walk - July 15th

Posted 18/7/2020

Another great outing for DVWG with a nice event no walk starting from Harley.

Walking along the Black Lane then to Tankersley Old Hall before entering the medieval Bellground Wood. The wood never disappoints us and was looking great to night in the height of summer growth.

Emerging onto Sheffield Road we walked into Hoyland Common onto the green lane which makes up the bottom half of Stead Lane touching the edges of both Springwood and Skiers Spring Wood before taking a footpath back to Harley and the end of our walk.

Thank you to the seventeen people who walked this evening and to the three walk leaders, Liz, Steve and David who made tonight possible.

A few of us managed a cheeky drink in a deserted Horseshoe pub too.

Thanks for coming, see you all soon