COVID-19 Update - September 12th

Posted 12/9/2020

Following the UK governments announcement this week regarding the tightening of COVID-19 precautions, DVWG have spent the last couple of days confirming what the implications are for us.

Our legal position remains unchanged at this time, guidance still permitting a walking group with up to 30 people to meet. 

Internally, as you may remember DVWG’s management committee decided that our walk groups should be limited to a subgroup of 10 people and a total party size of 20 people, this will remain unchanged at this time. It will be changed when new guidance emerges either imposing or relaxing restrictions.

We do however wish to take the opportunity to remind everyone to practice social distancing and maintain good hand hygiene before, during and after our walks. Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have potential COVID-19 symptoms.

That said, we wish to thank you all for your cooperation so far and for supporting DVWG in what has been a successful resumption of group walks.

It’s been great to see you all again.