After Dark Beginners Walk - September 23rd

Posted 24/9/2020

Well last night DVWG reprised our After Dark Beginners Walk after an absence of five years.

The walk we used was a regular evening walk for us between Worsborough Village and Hoyland, we started at 7pm managing to walk most of Shortwood in dusk conditions before ascending to Hoyland Law and taking the long track to Tankersley Lane End.

Until now the weather had been fine, but as we headed for Birdwell the rain started and became heavier as we crossed Birdwell Common and negotiated the tricky footpath at the bottom of Hay Green Lane.

The final ascent back to the road in Worsborough village was a soggy affair with groups of very wet walkers finally emerging at the Edmunds Arms and the end of the walk.

Well done to our three groups of walkers totaling 15 people who negotiated this walk, thanks also to Emily Kirk and Alison Hartley who led groups on the night.