Mount Snowdon - June 18th

Posted 19/6/2016

As ever, our Mount Snowdon weekend has been a fun, exhilarating and very tiring weekend in North Wales.

Our party arrived in Caernarfon during the course of Friday afternoon and early evening and enjoyed our Friday evening and into the early hours of Saturday morning enjoying the hostelries of Caernarfon, leading to some quite tired and sombre looking faces on Saturday morning.

Some of our party opted for a JD Wetherspoon breakfast on Saturday morning and evidence of a number of DVWG’s finest queuing outside the pub shortly before 8am on Saturday morning has done nothing to change DVWG’s existing reputation of a thinly described drinking group.

Our party assembled at Rhyd Ddu on Saturday morning and we were able to make steady progress up the mountain in warm, overcast but dry weather. As we neared the summit, the existing cloud generally cleared to reveal some good views across the valleys and of the North Wales coastline.

In order to reach the summit, there was a couple of short, tricky and exposed sections on the Bwlch Main Ridge which caused some foreboding amongst some of our party due to the clear visibility from this exposed vantage point, it is fair to say in Marie Smith’s case the foreboding was real terror as she struggled to contain her fear of heights. Happily we all negotiated this part admirably and continued to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon which was busier than normal due to several charity events taking place.

We were told the Mike Peters of The Alarm was giving an open air concert at the summit at 3pm and during the early part of our descent on the Llanberis path we saw Mike ascending with a guitar slung over his shoulder, exchanging a few words of luck with David Kirk as the two men passed.

Our party descended onto the Snowdon Ranger Path into good visibility and some sunshine for a more leisurely walk down the mountain. The walk was completed with a low level walk across moorland outside Rhyd Ddu around a disused quarry. The route skilfully selected by Richard Fletcher to avoid a 1.5 miles yomp on the road back to our cars at the end of the walk.

Well done all of the 22 people who took part in this walk, especially Marie Smith who contained her fear of height to reach the summit, to Andrea Turner who provided the funniest moment of the day having to be retrieved from a bog.

A big thank you to Barry Edwards, Gary Marshall, Steve Bates, Colin Clegg who co-marshalled the walk helping to keep our large group together and safe and to Richard Fletcher who co-led the walk admirably.

Once we were showered & changed is was time for a group meal and few beers, however it has to be said that Saturday was a more subdued affair than the previous evening with a lot of tired people and obviously one or two aching limbs.

The final word is a big hello to Alison Crump who walked with DVWG for the first time this weekend, hope to see you on another walk with us soon.