DVWG Update

Posted 3/7/2020

DVWG are making significant strides in preparations for a return to group walks.

During the course of this week we have worked as a committee and with our insurers to compile a COVID-19 risk assessment and a set of walk safety rules which will be distributed at the start of each walk.

We intend to next quickly work on a method of processing your £1 donations electronically, bring our text communication lists up to date and hopefully we will then be able to re-start some walks in a modest and of course socially distanced way.

Thank you for your patience, support and offers of help and hopefully we will start to see some of you again soon.


The DVWG Management Committee

DVWG Announcement - COVID-19

Posted 28/6/2020

DVWGs management committee have held a discussion following questions from our regular walkers about resuming DVWG group walks.

Following this discussion our committee agreed that in principle some limited group walks will be able to resume provided that current government guidance around the COVID-19 pandemic is respected. In the short term we are going to explore ways of carrying out some evening walks in a safe manner, hopefully using any learnings to be able to roll out some weekend walks too, eventually.

As you can imagine there is a huge amount of preparation work to do in readiness for just one walk. 

Taking a safety first approach, we intend to carry out a risk assessment and put some group safety rules in place prior to any walks taking place. It is important to note that walks would only go ahead ensuring that government guidance around social distancing is maintained. 

In order for any walking activities to work successfully everyone involved will need to co-operate and stick to the rules. For this reason DVWG will exclude from further participation any walker who flagrantly fails to follow the applicable current guidance.

We also intend to put a walk booking system in place to ensure that the limited number of places are allocated fairly when we resume.

Upon resuming walks, sadly we will not be planning any family walks or be accepting bookings from anyone who has not attended a walk before. Our club championship will remain suspended until the restrictions of numbers of people on walks is lifted. Individual walker mileages will still be logged towards cumulative walking targets and prizes.

We thank everyone who has enquired for their continued support of DVWG and ask you to please bear with us just a little longer while we make some initial preparations for some very limited resumption of DVWG activities.

Get Well Soon, Tony!

Posted 3/5/2020

As some of you will already be aware, one of our participants, Tony Littlewood, has recently been hospitalised with COVID-19, shortly after his father sadly succumbed to the same illness.

Whilst wishing our condolences to the family, we are very pleased to report that Tony himself is now out of hospital and recuperating at home.

I am sure I speak for everyone associated with DVWG, in wishing Tony all the best in his continuing recovery.

DVWG Statement - Coronavirus

Posted 16/4/2020

Following today’s government announcement of Coronavirus social distancing precautions staying in place for a further three weeks, DVWGs organising committee have reviewed our current position on the continuation of group activities.

Sadly at this time we have taken the decision to suspend all group activities indefinitely, but will continue to review our position regularly following the receipt of updated advice or any easing of restrictions by the UK Government.

We trust that everyone will understand our current position and will wish to walk with DVWG again once the current situation has passed.

We urge everyone to respect the UK Government’s social distancing rules at this time.

Note: This cancellation means that our Lake District Weekend will not go ahead as scheduled, we urge anyone with accommodation booked to cancel before incurring costs. This is particularly important if you have booked on an internet booking service such as Trivago

We sincerely hope that you and your families remain safe and well.


Kind Regards

The DVWG Organising Committee.

DVWG Statement - Coronavirus

Posted 17/3/2020

Sadly DVWG’s organising committee have decided to suspend all group walks and activities for a period of one calendar month, effective immediately from today, March 17th 2020.

We have taken this step in response to the current Coronavirus pandemic listening to the advice from the UK Government and observing the position of other larger organisations who promote country walking both nationally and locally.

We have also considered our own public liability position as a group of walk leaders and find that it is not possible to continue the current group programme of activities and be certain our walk participants are completely free from risks.

At this time as an organising committee DVWG are not recommending anyone  take part in walking activities in a large group for their own safety and will not lead groups on behalf of DVWG either formally or informally at this time.

Our current position will be reviewed in one calendar month, when hopefully we can re-instate group activities and indeed walking.

Thank you to everyone who currently supports DVWG walks and we ask for your understanding at this time and hope to be back walking with you all again in the very near future.

Higham and Silkstone Walk - March 15th

Posted 15/3/2020

Once again a very well attended local walk for DVWG today with 25 adults & children taking part in our Higham & Silkstone Family Ramble. The weather was generally kind to us and, as ever we had plenty of mud to paddle in too.

Starting from The Engineers in Higham we made a slight modification to the start of the walk after taking a bit of local advice, descending Elmhirst Lane into Hugset Wood, thankfully managing to navigate the nemesis of previous walks and emerging eventually at Barnby Furnace Bridge and onto the Silkstone Wagon Way.

A steady walk along the wagon way to Pot House Hamlet followed and we then ascended a bridleway to the Silkstone Bypass, a very busy road. Mark Haran, one of today’s newcomers stepped forward into the middle of the road and not only stopped traffic but traded insults with each and every one of the throng of impatient motorists who clearly couldn’t wait for our party to cross. This was an amazing sight.

Our group followed into Silkstone Fall and negotiated a couple of steep and slippery paths before emerging and crossing the bypass again before climbing a rather steep bridleway to Silkstone Golf Club.

From here we negotiated yet more mud, as passed through Lane Side, indeed Harry Morgan one of today’s new younger walkers had the misfortune to do a full on face down fall in the mud.

We emerged onto Higham Common and took a steady walk through the village, where some of us enjoyed a quick drink in The Engineers afterwards as a reward.

A big hello goes out to our new faces today, Wendy Renwick, Julie Deakin, Angela Harvey, Rebecca & Dave Morgan and their children Harry and Lucy, Katie Cadwell and our new resident traffic warden Mark Haran.

Thank you everyone who came along.

Lake District Weekend Update

Posted 8/3/2020

We have been unable to secure a booking for a meal for our large group on the Thursday evening so, unfortunately, people will have to make their own food arrangements on that evening. We will though arrange a meet up in a pub that evening to go through arrangements for the following day’s walk.

However, we have secured a booking at Lakeland Spice Cuisine in Keswick on the Friday evening which has been booked for the 23 people listed below. We will require a £10 deposit per person for the meal and will need everyone to let us know their order of Starter, Main Course and Sides by 19/04/20 at the very latest. Please let Steve Pennock, David Kirk or Andrea Turner know your order in good time before the deadline. Payment can be made to Steve, David or Andrea or by Paypal  using paypal.me/dvwgsocials, also before 19/04/20. The menu is on our Photos page.


The 23 people booked on the meal are:

Andrea Turner

David Richardson

Steve & Bev Pennock

David Kirk

Liz Davis

Julie Foster

Diana Walker

Sue Case & Stuart Cliff

Russell Yapp

Marie Maule

Katherine Brooke

Nicola Royston

Audrey Brownridge

Neil Holland

Terry & Leigh Sinar

Amanda Bennett, Barry & Alex

Sharon & Kev Mitchell

The list of names above for the meal is also the list of everyone who we are aware to be travelling up to be involved over the three days. If your name is not included above and you are intending walking with us in the Lake District then please let us know. Even if you don’t wish to join us for the meal we still wish to know who is planning on walking with us.

A bit more information on the first 2 walks: Friday’s walk is planned to be the relatively flat Seatoller to Keswick Walk of around 9.5 miles. Now the summer timetable has been released we are planning on catching the 9.20am Service 78 to Seatoller from Keswick bus station. It is understood the fare will be around £4.20.

For Saturday’s ascent of Blencathra we are intending catching the 10.20am Service X5 and getting off at the White Horse Inn at Scales rather than our original plan of Threlkeld which will reduce our walk to around 9.5 miles. It is understood that this fare will be around the £4 to £5 mark.