Bole Hill Walk - October 17th

Posted 18/10/2020

Every so often DVWG find an absolute gem of a walk, which we wish to repeat our Bole Hill and Nether Padley Walk was one of these such finds.

Starting from the Fox House at Longshaw we walked through the Longshaw estate, passing the lodge and walking through Granby and Yancliff Woods emerging at Grindleford Station.

After an outdoor coffee stop our party passed Padley Chapel and through Coppice Wood before walking alongside a superb path alongside the River Derwent to Leadmill. 

A steep climb to Hathersage Booths followed by a lengthy road walk out of Hathersage walking above Bolehill Quarry, where there were superb views from the top of the crag across the Hope Valley.

From here a missing footpath led us to a tricky descent down a rocky hillside in Bolehill Wood, we descended once again into Yanncliff Wood, where there was a simply stunning section of Burbage Brook at the bottom.

From here it was a steady plod back uphill for a now quite weary total party of seven, (in two socially distanced groups) through the Longshaw Estate and the end of our walk.

Well done to everyone who completed this 8.6 miles gem of a walk.

Stanage Edge Walk - October 3rd

Posted 3/10/2020

A rather wet walk at Hathersage for slightly depleted DVWG groups today, as nine people completing a circuit from Hathersage onto Stanage Edge.

Starting from the station we walked through the beautiful village and ascended through Cliff Wood and along Ridgeway Side and alongside Dennis Knoll emerging below Stanage Edge.

We ascended the broad path onto the edge walking along Long Causeway towards Stanage Pole. Unfortunately the weather had now deteriorated and so had the visibility, we therefore abandoned plans to visit Stanage Pole and descended through Stanage Plantation to safety.

Our walk back to Hathersage was passing North Lees Hall crossing field paths to Hathersage Church where we went to see the grave of Little John on our way back through the village.

Well done to the nine people who completed this 6.7 miles walk, which with better weather is quite a gem. It was pleasing that we missed the worst of the weather due to our early start.

After Dark Beginners Walk - September 23rd

Posted 24/9/2020

Well last night DVWG reprised our After Dark Beginners Walk after an absence of five years.

The walk we used was a regular evening walk for us between Worsborough Village and Hoyland, we started at 7pm managing to walk most of Shortwood in dusk conditions before ascending to Hoyland Law and taking the long track to Tankersley Lane End.

Until now the weather had been fine, but as we headed for Birdwell the rain started and became heavier as we crossed Birdwell Common and negotiated the tricky footpath at the bottom of Hay Green Lane.

The final ascent back to the road in Worsborough village was a soggy affair with groups of very wet walkers finally emerging at the Edmunds Arms and the end of the walk.

Well done to our three groups of walkers totaling 15 people who negotiated this walk, thanks also to Emily Kirk and Alison Hartley who led groups on the night.

Flamborough Walk - September 19th

Posted 20/9/2020

It was a very early start for some of DVWGs finest today heading for Flamborough for our coastal walk.

Whilst some of our party had opted to stay over on Friday night, it meant a 7am departure for others to arrive in time for the 9.30am start. But boy was it worthwhile.

Starting from South Landing we walked along the coast path, around to the lighthouse where we stopped for some quick refreshments and then heading for North Landing where we enjoyed some quite expensive ice cream. Although one of our party somehow managed to miss her mouth by quite some distance with the  ice cream.

We continued on to Thornwick Bay before taking the long footpath down past Grange Farm and into the village, walking through the village to South Landing and the end of our walk.

All through this lovely 8.8 miles walk Flamborough was drenched in superb autumn sunshine.

Thank you to the party of thirteen who came along for this one to enjoy this walk before going out separate ways. Some people went into nearby Bridlington whilst some stayed a little longer in Flamborough.

Finally a big congratulations goes out to Emily Kirk who became the latest DVWG regular to notch up 1000 miles walked with the group, quite an achievement for a 17 year old. 

Incidentally Emily’s first walk with DVWG occurred on October 31st 2009 when she completed our walk from Edale to Hope via Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Back Tor and Lose Hill, she was just six years old at the time.

COVID-19 Update - September 12th

Posted 12/9/2020

Following the UK governments announcement this week regarding the tightening of COVID-19 precautions, DVWG have spent the last couple of days confirming what the implications are for us.

Our legal position remains unchanged at this time, guidance still permitting a walking group with up to 30 people to meet. 

Internally, as you may remember DVWG’s management committee decided that our walk groups should be limited to a subgroup of 10 people and a total party size of 20 people, this will remain unchanged at this time. It will be changed when new guidance emerges either imposing or relaxing restrictions.

We do however wish to take the opportunity to remind everyone to practice social distancing and maintain good hand hygiene before, during and after our walks. Please do not attend if you feel unwell or have potential COVID-19 symptoms.

That said, we wish to thank you all for your cooperation so far and for supporting DVWG in what has been a successful resumption of group walks.

It’s been great to see you all again.



September Diary

Better late than never | Posted 5/9/2020

Quarterly diaries currently remain suspended as the changing circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic preclude long-term planning.  For the time being we intend to publish diaries on a monthly basis.  Unfortunately, today's walk report reminded me that I had not yet updated the site to that effect.  You should now find a downloadable diary for the remainder of this month in the Download section and I shall try to be more on the ball in future!

Hopefully at some point I'll be able to resume walking with you all! In the meantime, enjoy!


Misterton Walk - September 5th

Posted 5/9/2020

It was DVWGs first Saturday walk since March 7th today and our longest walk since re-start.

Starting from the Red Hart in Misterton we quickly picked up the Cuckoo Way aka Chesterfield Canal walking out of the village towards Gringley on the Hill before crossing the road and following a byway known locally as Tupcroft Road.

After turning back into the village we rejoined the canal towpath again at Wharf Bridge and followed this beautiful stretch of the canal until it flowed into the River Trent at West Stockwith.

After a quick drink & snack break alongside the Trent we walked through the village and picked up the path alongside the River Idle which took us right back to the outskirts of Misterton.

We returned into the village via the very busy Hazel Road.

Well done to the eleven people who completed this 7.9 miles route which is worth repeating, varying or extending.

A beer at the Red Hart in the sunny beer garden was reward for our efforts, although the pub carvery was tempting too.

Many thanks to the Red Hart who allowed us to use their car park too.