Ackworth & East Hardwick Family Walk - February 17th

Posted 17/2/2019

A great day out for DVWG today in the later winter sunshine completing our family walk starting from Ackworth and walking around East Hardwick,

Starting from the Brown Cow in Ackworth, we walked on field paths around the outskirts of Ackworth Park and alongside the Ackworth Showground to East Hardwick taking lunch at the pack horse bridge alongside the River Went.

We returned to Ackworth on field paths.

Refreshments in The Brown Cow at Ackworth were ample reward for our party of thirteen adults and two children who walked the 5.7 miles today.

A big well done goes out to Emma Powell, David Richardson and Tricia MacDuff who all chalked up 100 miles season to date today.

A big welcome goes out to Stephen Vipurs who walked with DVWG for the first time today.

League of Gentlemen Walk - February 9th

Posted 17/2/2019

Once again a great day out for DVWG today crossing the Woodhead Pass to the village of Hadfield where we completed our 3 Pennine Reservoirs / League of Gentleman Walk.

Arriving early there was time for a coffee and for some breakfast in the village where we All converged on Hadfield Station car park to begin our walk.

Prior to the start of the walk our party of fourteen were all presented with some “special sausage” aka a Percy Turners pork pie courtesy of DVWG to get us in the mood for the walk.

We set off on a Short stretch of the Longdendale Trail, part of the TPT leaving on Padfield Road and taking a footpath to Bottoms Reservoir. We crossed along the dam wall and continued along a track.

Upon reaching Valehouse Reservoir the track became a disused railway line which continued along past Rhodeswood Reservoir.

By the time we reached Rhodeswood Dam it was only 12.30pm, we therefore decided to increase the walk to include a 4th reservoir, Torside, which is much larger. We eventually reached the bridge behind the impressive dam wall before crossing back to the Longdendale Trail and starting our return to Hadfield.

We de-toured to Torside Picnic Area for a late lunch break before taking a brisk walk back to Hadfield and the end of a superb day of walking. The weather having steadily improved throughout the day.

“This is a local shop for local people” is associated with Royston Vasey & the hit TV show League of Gentleman which was filmed in Hadfield, however we found our hostelry of choice, The Palantine, pleasant and welcoming for a post walk beer before our journey home.

Well done to the fourteen people who completed the walk at brisk pace, which at 10.62 miles is the longest 6.40 miles walk ever.


Thurgoland Boundary Walk - February 2nd

Posted 3/2/2019

Thurgoland lies on the outskirts of the Sheffield area close to the foothills of the Pennines, the village is a pretty pass through village for commuters travelling between Sheffield, Huddersfield and even Manchester.

The Thurgoland Boundary walk is nine miles in length and is clearly waymarked, with further information available from the Visit Penistone website.

DVWG first walked the boundary way back in December 2013, where a small party of five completed the walk, therefore we felt it was time for a re-run.

Starting from the Station Inn at Silkstone Common, it was a cold start for our party of fourteen as we walked past the Husker Pit Disaster monument en-route for Berry Moor.

There was a slight detour here as the way marking disappeared, however crossing Hilltop Plantation got us back on track at Eastfield.

There then followed a walk on field tracks in glorious winter sunshine into the village of Crane Moor, where we paused for a coffee before tackling the steep climb out of the village up to the A629.

From here we descended once again on field tracks heading for the area adjacent to Wortley Top Forge and took a lunch break outside the Bridge Inn.

We walked along the adjacent lane which runs parallel to the River Don, eventually once again entering field paths heading for Cheese Bottom, where at a nearby farm we saw some beautiful peacocks.

From Cheese Bottom on the outskirts of Oxspring, we crossed Thurgoland Bridge and continued alongside the River Don until we reached Bower Hill, here there was a steep ascent to the Four Lane Ends.

A short distance beyond the Travellers Inn at Four Lane Ends, we joined the Trans Pennine Trail for the last 1.5 miles of our walk, a steady descent into Silkstone Common and the end of our walk, where a fully stoked log burner awaited at the Station Inn where we enjoyed a post walk beer and a chat about an excellent days walking.

Well done to the fourteen people who walked this 9.2 miles tour of the village of Thurgoland. This walk is well worth repeating in summer.

Swinton Walk & Sunday Lunch - January 27th

Posted 27/1/2019

A great day out for DVWG today, completing a very easy walk along the canal towpath from Dearne Leisure Centre   In winter sunshine, but cold windy conditions.

The walk wasn’t so much just a walk but a social with a walk as we were booked for Sunday dinner, therefore our pace was somewhat leisurely along the towpath in order not to arrive too early. This enabled us to stop off for coffee at The Old Market Hall in Mexborough en route.

We continued to Swinton Bridge where we had booked Sunday lunch at The Lane Emporium, who did us proud, serving an excellent meal for just £5. This place is highly recommended.

After lunch it was a steady walk back along the towpath retracing our steps back to Denaby to complete our 4.2 miles walk.

A bumper attendance of 23 adults and 4 children attended this meal and social, a mixture of familiar faces, recent newcomers and a couple of new faces too bringing a very successful month of January to a close for DVWG.

Thank you for your continued support of the group.

Denby Dale & Cumberworth Walk - January 12th

Posted 13/1/2019

Another great day out for DVWG today completing an eight miles circuit of the Denby Dale area.

The walk took in some climbs to Upper Denby and Upper Cumberworth taking in some parts of the Dearne Way too.

It’s well worth doing this walk which was taken from a Kirklees Council leaflet. The way marking is somewhat variable and navigation takes a little patience, as is often the case with leaflets from council websites.

Well done to Alison Hartley who navigated this walk and thanks to the nineteen attendees.

A special welcome goes out to Ben Sinar, Ellie Carr and Rach Jones who walked with DVWG for the first time today

Strines & Derwent Edge Walk - January 6th

Posted 6/1/2019

A great days walking today for DVWG on Strines Moor, a walk which seemed to have everything.

Starting from The Strines Inn we walked along the road and onto the track known locally as Foulstone Road, where we were soon feeling the Christmas excesses as we tackled the long ascent onto Derwent Edge.

During our ascent we ran into very heavy mist and visibility became quite poor, as we reached the edge, not much of a view here.

Our first stop was a detour to Back Tor the third highest peak in South Yorkshire, a misty group picture followed. We then followed the paved path across Derwent Edge passing the rock formation Cakes of Bread before pausing at Dove Stones for an early lunch break.

Towards the end of our lunch break the mist started to clear rapidly and we were treated to a great view of Ladybower Reservoir and Yorkshire Bridge. We continued on Derwent Edge passing the Salt Cellar and White Tor before reaching the bridleway which took us down to the Strines Moor Road at Moscar House Farm. By now the sun was shining and the wind was much less at a lower level.

We were now faced with a choice on how we returned to The Strines Inn, the prospect of a 1.5 to 2 miles walk along the road did not appeal.

We therefore opted to extend the walk, walking along towards Ughill and onto a path which forms part of the Sheffield Round Walk around the periphery of Sugworth Hall, which was built for the construction expert Henry Boot.

From here we emerged onto open moorland to Boots Tower, above Strines Reservoir. With the whole valley glistening in mid-afternoon winter sunshine the views were stunning. Cameras were working overtime here.

We descended Lea Bank and crossed the water between Dale Dyke and Strines Reservoir before emerging at Brogging End to the Strines Road, where a short walk took us back to the Strines Inn and the end of our walk.

A party of eighteen adults and one junior completed this 9.2 miles beauty. Well done goes out to Jack Wolniewicz who completed his longsest walk yet with DVWG and a big hello and welcome goes out to Zoey McNeil who joined us for the first time today.

After Dark 9 Walk - January 4th

Posted 5/1/2019

A total of 32 walkers took part in this years after dark walk which started and finished at The Station in Silkstone Common.

Starting from the pretty village of Silkstone Common we walked alongside Blacker Dam before crossing field footpaths onto Kine Moor. We descended into Kings Wood before a tricky crossing of Lindley Dike.

More field footpaths followed before an even trickier crossing of Storrs Dike, from here there was a steep climb on field paths to Far Coates at Oxspring before descending the Trans Pennine Trail coming through Stubbin Wood back to Silkstone Common.

Well done to everyone who walked especially Sophie Cusworth & Steve Pennock who both chalked up 100 miles season to date on this walk.

A big welcome goes out to new walkers Wesley Woolfall, Julie Bentley, Stephen Bentley and Ryan Smith.

The pie, peas & chips afterwards at The Station Inn were simply delicious and enjoyed by all.

Thanks to Nick Powell for the organisation of the pie & pea supper.