Stainborough Walks - July 15th

Posted 22/7/2018

Last Sunday saw Dearne Valley Walking Group enjoy two walks in one from Worsbrough Mill as we started both our 4.5 mile family walk and 7.6 mile adult walk at the same place with both sets of walkers meeting up afterwards for a swift drink in the nearby Red Lion Inn.

Ona hot sunny day, both groups set off together following the south eastern edge of Worsbrough Reservoir and then making our way westwards across Worsbrough Country Park to a junction of paths. At this point we received a call from a latecomer to the walk, Nicola Royston, and paused for a while as Nick Powell returned to the start to escort Nicola to where we were waiting!

Having now got our full complement of walkers together, we turned left to make our way to Rockley Old Hall. Rockley Old Hall is a listed building which dates back to the early 17th century and has been converted into private dwellings. From here we followed Old Hall Road which took us over the M1 motorway to bring us out at Rockley Lane.

Here our two groups split up, with the walkers taking the shorter route following Rockley Lane northwards, passing Strafford House and on to Round Green Lane before taking a footpath on the right on a sharp left hand bend in the road.

The path was followed to the M1 where the motorway was again crossed and the path then followed southwards parallel to the motorway before taking another path on the left which came out at the Trans Pennine Trail which was followed south easterly back to Worsbrough Mill.

The walkers doing the longer adult walk followed Rockley Lane northwards for a short distance but before reaching Strafford House took a path on the left which took us back in a southerly direction, passing Queen Anne’s Obelisk and skirting the edge  of Ivas Wood and Moor leys Wood before entering Broom Royd Wood.

We passed through the wood and emerged at a junction of paths, with us taking the right hand path which took us  past a pond named Stoney Royd Spring to a track onto which we turned right and followed past Wood Nook to Lee Bottom Wood.

Here we varied out route slightly from the original plan by opting to avoid a stretch of road walking by turning left along the road for a few yards before taking a path on the right which took us alongside cornfields to emerge at Hood Green recreation grounds. Taking advantage of the park benches  we paused here for a short lunch break – and to top up the sun cream!

Our route then took us eastwards, towards Stainborough Castle before taking a path on the left. This saw us emerge with a great view over looking fields in the direction of Dodworth. We followed this path downhill, crossing a number of fields before emerging onto the Trans Pennine Trail.

We then followed the Trans Pennine Trail over the M1, past the point where the family walkers joined the Trail and along the northern side of Worsbrough Reservoir. AT this point we turned right along the dam wall and returned to our start point at the Mill.

Well done to everyone who completed both of these walks in hot and tiring conditions. The post walk drinks were more than welcome!