Bretton Clough Walk - November 17th

Posted 18/11/2018

A misty start to the day, en-route to this walk with many of us battling around a road closure to reach The Barrel in Bretton to start this walk.

For those of us who drove across Strines Moor we were rewarded with a superb view of autumn yellow and brown foliage after a mild season, making the moor just about as picturesque as it has ever been.

It was somewhat misty at The Barrel as we looked out over Wardlow and Foolow before our walk, our party had a delicious coffee at the pub before commencing.

The start of our walk resulted in having to negotiate an awkward diversion around a closed byway on Hucklow Edge, causing some early difficulties, however with this overcome we got back on track walking across fields near Camphill Flying Club.

The next part was to cross Abney Moor, which was relatively easy with a wide, level path right across. The moor commands some superb views, we could clearly see Yorkshire Bridge at Ladybower Reservoir from here.

After a lunch break at the Wolf Pit we continued along the higher parts of Abney Moor and descended steadily into the village. The village was quite picturesque.

We then descended into Abney Clough, here the views opened up quite widely and the valley revealed some absolutely stunning views in the autumn sunshine, both rugged due to the steep hills surrounding but stunning autumn colours and views of Bretton Brook below.

Upon reaching the bottom of the valley we turned towards Bretton Clough which was also quite beautiful, looking down the valley to Mill Wood and Highlow Wood, Terry Sinar commented that the wider valley gave a view quite similar to the foothills of The Alps.

The path through Bretton Clough is very poorly waymarked, however referencing our OS map against farm buildings and the contours managed to keep us on track, for a very steep ascent from Bretton Clough back onto Hucklow Edge to see the view down into Foolow in the late afternoon autumn sunshine.

A final group photo for our party of eight walkers was followed by a beer in front of the log burner in The Barrel before starting the journey home.

Well done to the party of eight walkers who completed this walk, 7.4 miles with 1200 feet of ascent, unfortunately most of the ascent is concentrated into the last 1.5 miles which added to our feeling of accomplishment and fatigue at the end of the walk.

This walk is well worth either repeating in springtime or modifying slightly to modifying slightly to explore more of this area, a small area of the Peak District which DVWG have not walked.