Wortley & Howbrook Evening Walk - May 15th

Posted 17/5/2019

Sorry for the belated write up, however Wednesday nights walk was a lovely 4.5 miles stroll in the wonderful spring sunshine.

Starting from outside Wortley Hall we walked to Copley Wood and to the village of Bromley where we picked up country lanes which led us into the village of Howbrook.

From Howbrook we walked alongside How Brook before emerging to open fields, where the route and footpath proved to be buried in the fields and the route went slightly awry, eventually with assistance from GPS we emerged at Booth Wood, Sandra Denson taking a rather muddy tumble alongside How Brook.

After crossing the A629, we followed the Barnsley Boundary Walk uphill heading for the footpath adjacent to Wharncliffe Reservoir, where from this lofty position there were some great views of a rather sunny evening.

As we walked across the open fields we wowed at the sight of some quite new born lambs feeding. Unfortunately the sight of which proved a bit too much for Paul Whitham who took a rather awkward tumble and sustained a few bumps and bruises in the process.

Eventually we emerged onto Finkle Street Lane and ascended up the footpath around the rugby club to emerge back in Wortley and the end of a quite lovely evening walk.

Many thanks to the twenty adults and one child who attended this 4.5 miles outing, hopefully our two fallers have now recovered.