Burghwallis & Skellow Evening Walk - 23rd July

Posted 26/7/2019

On Tuesday evening a modest group of 9 adults and 1 child braved the sweltering heat to complete our 4.2 mile Burghwallis & Skellow Two Estates Walk.

Starting from outside Owston Park Primary School took us from Skellow Cross through a lightly wooded area which offered some grateful shade from the overhead sun. We then continued past North Quarry Plantation and Garden Plantation to the small, picturesque village of Owston.

After bearing left at the church we followed Stockbridge Lane to its junction with Sutton Road and, after passing The Owston pub, we then took the long minor road, The Abbe’s Walk, which took us past Squirrel Wood and to the village of Burghwallis.

Walking through the village we passed the former manor house, which became a convent and later St Anne’s Nursing home, and the war memorial before turning left down Stony Croft Lane which we followed back to Skellow Cross and our start point.

Well done to the ten people who completed the walk in the exceptionally hot conditions.