Rod Moor Walk - December 14th

Posted 15/12/2019

Certain walks which occur during DVWG’s calendar define the outcome of the club’s annual championship, this walk was one of those such walks.

It was an early start for DVWG for our Rod Moor walk, we met at Low Bradfield at 10am, the conditions were cold with a threat of rain or even snow, a party of ten assembled and we proceeded along a footpath alongside Dale Dyke into Bradfield Dale into the woods along Dale Dyke Reservoir.

This area is notoriously muddy and today was no exception, we proceeded through the woods, however, try as we might we were unable to find a footpath with allowed us to ascend out of Andrew Wood, leaving us to continue along the Sheffield Country Walk ascending to a favourite location from previous walks, Boots Tower.

Boots Tower is an eye catching monument on the landscape which is great to photograph whatever the season, we paused for a brief lunch break in blustery conditions, before proceeding through the grounds of Sugworth Hall to the road.

A further ascent along Lodge Moor took us on to Moscar Heights and a long road high above the main A57 in the Redmires area to meet Rod Moor.

We didn’t bother to trudge onto open moorland to find the trig point which is located behind the convent, we continued alongside Rod Side in rather cold conditions. Looking across the valley we saw Mam Tor had a dusting of snow on its summit.

A wander through the hamlet of Load Brook before proceeding onto field paths to Hall Broom, where there were a couple of footpaths which we had difficulty in locating as the afternoon light slipped away.

We descended through the valley of Ughill Brook and emerged at a road as we closed in on Low Bradfield in fading light, before a steep descent through New Wood to hit New Road on the outskirts of Low Bradfield, we completed the last half a mile in dusk conditions to reach The Plough and the end of our walk, where we had a beer to celebrate a tough but enjoyable day of walking.

Going our separate ways, mince pies, courtesy of DVWG and delivered by Gary Marshall we dished out to all who walked, delicious they were too.

Well done to the ten people who completed this walk, or expedition as Russell Yapp quipped, 11 miles walked and almost 1600 feet of ascent in cold conditions, that explains why our bodies were somewhat broken afterwards.

Finally a big well done to Diane Marshall who chalked up 1,000 miles with DVWG on this walk and a big hello and welcome goes out to Paul and Tracy Turton who joined us for the first time today and laughed along at our crazy antics.