Tin Mill Dam Walk - January 11th

Posted 11/1/2020

Another great day out for DVWG today, completing our local Tin Mill Dam & Hunshelf Bank Walk in quite windy conditions.

Starting from the TPT car park at Wortley, we crossed the River Don at Tin Mill Dam and ascended Tin Mill Rocher through the woodland. This ascends quite steeply to Holly Hall Farm.

Continuing along the ridge in increasingly windy conditions, we were horrified to find the footpath blocked along the ridge where a local farmer had fenced off the path using barbed wire.

This prompted a U-turn back towards a field crossing off the ridge heading towards Green Moor. This was a blessing in disguise as the windy conditions on the ridge were becoming unsafe and were proving too much for Clive Thompson who had to be helped off the ridge.

After crossing a field we walked through Green Moor Delf, a beautiful plantation, a place where DVWG have never walked before and is worthy of more exploration and could form the basis of a future evening walk.

As we had been forced to re-route, we needed to complete quite a lengthy stretch on the road walking through Green Moor heading towards Hunshelf.

After a lunchbreak near Oakenshaw Spring, we crossed several fields and more significantly stiles, dubbed by Russell Yapp as the DVWG steeplechase, the odds on Sue Case winning this particular race lengthened considerably when she fell at the second stile after missing her step, fortunately she was not injured, however her response when asked to repeat it for the camera was unrepeatable.

We descended fields heading to the Oxspring area where we picked up the TPT for a steady last couple of miles back to Thurgoland, passing through the Thurgoland tunnelling doing customary yodels as we passed through.

A beer at The Bridge Inn in Thurgoland was reward for another great day out.

It was a joy to see such a wonderful turnout for this walk with 34 adults completing this one. A big hello and welcome goes to newcomers Dave & Jane Sowter, Danielle Moffat, Claire Dawson, Lisa Corbett and Megan Watkinson, we hope you all choose to walk with us again soon.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support of DVWG.