Upton Circular Evening Walk - June 8th

Posted 13/6/2016

A somewhat flustered walk leader arrived a few minutes late for this one and had mislaid the map and route! Nevertheless, we eventually got underway and did a short circuit of Upton Country Park, then up the old railway line, past the overgrown Upton and North Elmsall Station to Johnny Brown's Common before taking bridleways back to Upton.

The walk was from a 2014 AA book but it seems the AA didn't know about a bypass that was built 5 years ago which introduces several errors into the published route!  We were grateful to Ruth Simpson, whose local knowledge got her a shoe-in as co-leader of this walk on her DVWG debut!

It was a pleasant, if towards the end rather muddy outing, enjoyed by 18 adults, 3 walking kids and one carried infant. We retired to the Barnsley Oak for welcome refreshments.